About Me

At this stage of my life, I have not been able to master just one of the many disciplines of programming. At 21 years old, I can’t claim I’ve mastered anything yet. I can, however, offer competencies across a broad spectrum of both software and game development. Technical skills are only one part of who I am though. I consider myself to be easily adaptable to new environments, and embracing of change. I can communicate ideas effectively both in writing and verbally (especially with a whiteboard behind me). I am straightforward and honest when communicating my thoughts on something, give honest and helpful critique when requested, and more generally try to be nice to people.

It’s hard to think that four years ago I registered for first year game design courses, not thinking game design was a different major than game programming. Since then, I’ve spent countless hours in computer labs, pulled hopefully less than a hundred all-nighters, filled dozens of notebooks, and came to deeply understand a wide range of subjects, only most of which pertain to programming. Along the way, I unraveled a latent passion for programming and learning that I will pursue regardless of where I end up after graduation. Specifically physics and AI programming, but I find myself inspired by a breadth of sub-fields within programming. My dream is to take this passion to somewhere bigger: to be a part of a team that creates something amazing.

Non-professionally, I enjoy digging into the overwhelmingly odd world of quantum theory, cooking on a budget, and watching cartoons. Thanks for taking time to check out my site!