Arco looks to marry a microcosm of maternal parenthood with a strong emphasis on moment-to-moment experience. The player builds a relationship with a stand-in for children through a self-sacrificial protection from the perilous environment. It works to stimulate the player on multiple levels with classic arcade inspired systems and mechanics challenging their skills in risk management built to intertwine with the thematic elements and sub-textual narrative meant to inspire them on a higher cognitive level. Made with Unity3D. Available on iOS and AndroidFacebook.



This is a prototype game which demonstrates commonly used concepts in 2D graphics programming such as pixel shaders, sprite-sheet animation, illusions of depth, and 2D UI design. The game is localized in English, French, and Turkish. The world is procedurally generated with ores and caves. Download

Tempo Temple


When Zac Svoboda and I heard that Rami Ismail of Vlambeer was coming to Green Mountain Games Festival 2014, we just had to be there with a game. So, in seven days and with very little experience in Unity at the time, we created Tempo Temple. It’s an infinite-jumping rhythm game where the temple moves in tempo and so must you.  Download